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Mia & Alec

May 18, 2018

I've read in several articles and places that I should write more like I speak!  That might be impossible for me as I'd just use the exclamation mark over and over again! On Mia and Alec's wedding day we laughed... a lot; I cried... a few times and people (including me) sang the song, "Bless Us All" from a Muppet Christmas Carol.  So hold up, wait; before you start trying to read that again, it's true.  Many people that know Bill and I know that the Muppets are super special to us, for many reasons I will not go into now (maybe a future blog post) but apparently watching a Muppets' Christmas Carol is VERY special to both the bride, groom and their families!  It is one of those special little "things" that a lot of couples have.  We didn't ask and (as I said) we sang with them.  It's really a beautiful song, the first verse goes:

"Life is full of sweet surprises, everyday's a gift
The sun comes up and I can feel it lift my sprit
It fills me up with laughter, it fills me up with song
I look into the eyes of love and know that I belong
Bless us all, who gather here."

Mia and Alec's wedding day truly could not have been better.  The weather for a spring wedding in the mountains, was PERFECT.  Mia is truly a wind spirit and she and I instantly bonded over our mutual love of nature and all things dealing with the moon.  The wedding day even fell on a particular full moon called, "The Pink Moon".  The air was in constant motion, sometimes strong and sometimes just cool enough to make you close your eyes and say a tiny prayer of gratitude.  Okay, I'm not trying to sound all "new age", but Mia with her delicately pink gown and layers that went on for miles made photos so much fun.  It's almost hard to describe all of the special elements to the day.  The bride included several memorable pieces, but my personal favorite was her handkerchief embroidered with one of her favorite quotes from Jane Eyre.  Mia donned a pair of vintage gloves that her mother and grandmother wore on their wedding days; Alec's father gave a beautiful sermon and of course - since Mia and Alec are both of Scottish decent, this truly was a "Highland wedding".  The reception music was provided by an awesome Celtic band called the Carolina Ceili, dinner was made by executive chef Mike Ferrari and his talented team.  The Farm, A Gathering Place is truly an all inclusive wedding venue; not only can one or more cabins be rented right on the property but couples can have a custom menu created by a true and really great chef.  At the Farm, couples also receive coordination and the planners at The Farm are some of the best (special thanks to Erica for being incredible to work with). Mia and Alec really followed their hearts for their wedding day and did what they wanted; they enjoyed everyone that was present and celebrated.  Alec's honorary groomsmen walked with him down the aisle and then sat at the end of each row.  Mia's bridesmaids were selected to represent her past, present and future and the ladies split and stood on both sides for the ceremony. 

Once Carolina Ceili wrapped up their part of the reception some good old fashioned dance music was played and kept everyone going until the very end!  Once the music was over and the last drinks (at the bar) were poured; Mia and Alec disappeared into the night, after a short wagon ride. I feel like Alec and Mia's wedding day is one that I don't have to describe too desperately to make you understand how it all went down; isn't that what photos are for?  So at last, please enjoy these images as they were taken with so much love because that is what the couple gave to us and all of their friends and family that attended. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Macaulay,

May the gracious God hold you both 
in the palm of His hands. 
And, today, may the Spirit of Love 
find a dwelling place in your hearts.


Wedding Gown: Modern Trousseau - Hayden Olivia Boutique

Hair: Megan Pirrocco

Makeup: Nina McCaskey - Wedded Kiss Beauty

Coordination: Erica Batstone - The Farm, A Gathering Place

Officiant: Jeff Marsocci and Rev. Dr. Clay Macaulay

Florist: Flora Boutique

Ceremony music: Stephanie Quinn (violin), Art Davis (bagpipes) and Laurie Campbell Nunez (vocals)

Custom invitations: Erin Collums

Reception Emcee: Mark Linquist