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Ashleigh & Adam

July 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My sweet Ashleigh and her husband Adam; our special connection came through Ashleigh's matron of honor Mindy, who was our bride last year.  Ashleigh was Mindy's maid of honor and we got to know each other well and I became well aware of Ashleigh's type A personality.  I know that type well, because I am that type.  I get along well with those brides.  In my personal life, I tend to be that way so when it comes to having clients that are a little OCD I know exactly how to calm and ease that nervous tension.  Ashleigh really is just a gal after my own heart.  I knew what she was going to be stressing over before she was stressing over it...because it was things I would stress over, but the great thing is since Bill and I do this so much, we know how to handle it before it can become an issue or all you need is a hug!  Mindy, thankfully being her MOH is the exact opposite, she is as calm and flowing as the river that ran next Ashleigh and Adam's gorgeous venue.  If you're looking for a sweet mountain venue, check this place out.  It's tucked away, just a few miles from Hot Springs and so perfect for that dreamy mountain setting. 

Ashleigh and her family got ready in Hot Springs at the Red Bridge Lodge and we were able to complete all of her families side of the photos as well as Adam's prior to the ceremony.  That's always a nice thing to accomplish if the couple doesn't want to do a first look, just to keep things easy and cut down on photo time after the ceremony.  The sweetest aspect of the day was that Ashleigh and Adam incorporated a wine ceremony into their nuptials but the wine was made from Ashleigh's grandmother and grandfather's vines.  A longstanding winery that their family had enjoyed for years and that was also the wine that everyone enjoyed at the reception and though we don't drink the blackberry wine SMELLED SO GOOD!!!!  Bill and I enjoyed roaming the reception taking so many fun family photos and listening to story after story from each side of the family.  It always makes us feel so great when we're so included and not just treated like hired vendors.  Everyone enjoyed delicious food from The Farm to Fender food truck and the whole evening was so focused on fun and family, I really think it turned out so beautifully.  Ashleigh and Adam - we love you...Ashleigh, we hope you can just kick back now and enjoy the honeymoon and Adam, please don't look at your watch while you're there!

Hair: Asheville Hair Design

Makeup: Makeup by Ali Lawless 

Officiant: DiAnna Ritola 

Florist: Merrimon Florist 

Catering: Farm to Fender Food Truck

Venue: The Lodge at Bear River


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