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Rachel & Eric

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Rachel and Eric - where do I even begin!  They booked on the phone and then I got the opportunity to meet them at the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in Charlotte.  I mean, I know MY name is Rachel but being an avid Friends (tv show) junkie since I was 17 (I'm 36 years old now), just saying "I was going to meet Rachel at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse made me giddy.  I know it was the Central Perk (if you're not a watcher of Friends, you have NO IDEA WHAT I'M talking about right now so just skip to the next paragraph) but it was all so much fun with these two from the start.

We photographed their session at the Biltmore and they were just so laid back, cool and fun.  I adored Eric's hair (do I sound even more weird) and I let him know how much I loved his hair.  He cut it shorter for the wedding (I was a little bummed) but I'm not his wife, just a fan.  Honestly, by the time our client's wedding days roll around I've pictured it and I'm probably ALMOST just as excited about it as they are.  We ran into a few bumps (like most weddings) and Bill and I were there to bounce ideas off of and ultimately I was Rachel's shoulder and her mom's best friend (sometimes I have to play referee between moms and daughters).  I get the mother/daughter dynamic...we love each other but we also want to strangle each other and most of the time it's because we're just too much alike (am I right)?  Bride's want their moms there with them, yet you need them to give you space. Mom's love their daughter's but they want to strangle you's a beautiful dance! Rachel and Eric had a beautiful Jewish ceremony on the rooftop of the hotel on a GORGEOUS breezy day in Uptown Charlotte.  With impending rain in the forecast for the evening, though they had really hoped for their reception to continue on the rooftop the party was moved inside into a ballroom but it didn't stop the celebration.

The bubble exit got a little switched up at the end and Bill suggested lining everyone up and having Rachel and Eric walk through the bubbles and into the elevators, which also turned into a very adorable impromptu photo opportunity!  When you're staying at the venue and it's raining outside...we're limited but it all happened and it was PERFECT!  We love you Mr. and Mrs. King!!!


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