Thirteenth Moon Photography LLC | Crystal Marie & Eskias, NOAH'S Event Venue - Charlotte, NC

Crystal Marie & Eskias, NOAH'S Event Venue - Charlotte, NC

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

You might notice on our blog that during the month of April we were at the NOAH's Event Venue a lot! 3 times actually, and April was the first month the venue was open so, WOW we quickly began to feel at home there (and has an incredible staff to run it all).  It was great, because the venue is set up to handle so many different types of events and create so many different looks.  Quite honestly, you'd never know it when you first walk into it but what we saw from each of the 3 weddings we photographed there in April was just awesome and beautiful.  Crystal Marie and Eskias came all the way from LA (yes Cali) to marry in Charlotte.  Crystal Marie is from NC and Eskias really wanted to give his beautiful (now) wife what she wanted.  Eskias Ethiopian background was honored throughout the day and you'll see that throughout the pictures.  The couple's beautiful hearts and how they truly want to incorporate everyone they love was radiated during the ceremony and reception.  Before dancing began the couple honored their elders with a traditional Ethiopian "knee kissing ceremony" and then the party began!  We had so much fun capturing and being a part of such a grand love story.  We see big things from this dynamic wait and see!!  You've probably already seen them all over Instagram and other social media sites when Crystal Marie posted the recreation shot we did of the wedding image of the Obama's wedding photo.  It went viral and had so many views and hits we've been contacted by multiple blogs and news outlets.  We really can't take credit for something Crystal Marie asked for, we just pulled it off!!  We love and wish Crystal Marie and Eskias nothing but blessings and light for their future together!!


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