Thirteenth Moon Photography LLC | Laura Jane & Cody, Hanover Park Vineyards - Yadkinville, NC

Laura Jane & Cody, Hanover Park Vineyards - Yadkinville, NC

January 26, 2017  •  1 Comment

Laura Jane and Cody... sigh, when you're around them you just can't help but feel, IN LOVE!  They are so crazy about each other.  You remember that couple in high school that you were friends with that you knew they'd end up together?  They just couldn't stop looking at each other no matter if they were next to each other or across the room. The girl would giggle whenever she heard his name and the guy would breath deep and sort of stick his chest out whenever he saw her?  Yea, that couple, that's Laura Jane and Cody.  Cody is your perfect southern gentleman, he's quiet and polite and often times I wondered if he just wanted to tell me to leave them alone so they could make out (hehehehe) but he was too polite to ask me to leave.  They were like that at their engagement session too.  I (me, silly, goofy ME) felt like the third wheel at their engagement session.  They are so naturally comfortable in each others arms that everything just works with them.  Their wedding day ended up being during the one weekend (maybe we'll have another before winter is over) when North Carolina was slammed with snow.  Laura Jane had told me they wanted a winter wedding and OH BOY did they get one!  Most of the snow fell before the wedding hit although we had some lingering snow flurries throughout the day.  The bad news was it didn't give the state a lot of time to clean up the roads but thankfully, everyone got to the venue safe and sound.  The worse news was the roads that had been plowed were set to melt and ice over badly as the temps were supposed to plummet into the single digits the afternoon and night of their wedding.  

Cody and Laura Jane, their families and friends, along with all of the wedding professionals and their venue handled the day gracefully.  The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL and quite emotional.  Cody's father stood by his side as his best man and Laura Jane's two sisters and oldest friend had her back and there wasn't a dry eye in the place, including mine.  The couple's first dance was to Chris Stapleton's "More of You" and everyone enjoyed a delicious family style BBQ dinner and desserts!  They concluded the evening with a freezing - I mean sparkler exit!  Laura Jane had changed into an adorable party dress and instead of leaving for the evening they ran right back inside to get warm.  Remember that ice I talked about earlier?  I actually needed to have some of the groomsmen push me out of the parking lot!  Thankfully I made it home safe and sound!  These photos made the snow and ice worth it and Laura Jane and Cody have the best winter wedding story ever!!  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, thank you for starting our 2017 off with an adventure! We love you!!!

Coordination: Jessica Cutler - Envents

DJ: Showtime Productions

Video: Swept Away Videos 

Cake Artist: Sweet Thing Bakery & Cafe

Catering: Debbie's Heavenly Touch 

String Duo: Elegant Ensembles 


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