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Victoria & Ryan, Arrowhead Inn Bed & Breakfast - Durham, NC

November 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

When it comes to Disney anyone that knows me knows I LOVE DISNEY.  Since we left Florida and left our weekly Disney visits and our weekly Disney weddings behind; life is different.  I do miss my Disney brides, but I will admit I'm so happy in North Carolina I can't stand it. North Carolina is SO GOOD TO US.  BUT, I love when I can mix a little bit of Disney with our life in North Carolina and Victoria gave me just that.  We quickly bonded over our love of all things Disney and became instant BFFs.  We formed a quick bond the first night we spoke when she told me she and Ryan planned an elopement.  She wanted it to be just the two of them and their old dog, Bert.  She said their families respected that decision and I couldn't be happier for them.  I couldn't be happier that she wanted me to be a part of something so chill, meaningful and relaxed. It's not often I get to just take pictures and not worry about timelines and family portraits! I couldn't wait until their wedding day.

We quickly became Facebook friends and then suddenly I saw that she lost her Dad.  It broke my heart. I literally hurt for her.  Even though she was planning an elopement I knew it was going to be tough on her.  I reached out to her and did what I could which brought us even closer.  Then a few short months later she was offered an internship at Disney and we chatted back and forth about that...I told her everything I knew about the ins and outs of Walt Disney World (seeing as I know a lot about the ins and out of WDW) and by the time their wedding day came around I think Ryan felt like the third wheel!! HAHAHA!  

I cried and had to quietly and quickly wipe my tears (I couldn't miss the shots) when they exchanged rings...I laughed when Bert (and their new addition to the family) Booger jumped and licked the best man.  The autumn day was not as cool and comfortable as we ended up almost 89 degrees in the afternoon (so much for low 70s) but Victoria and Ryan totally rocked.  As we laughed and literally played I think I knew what it would feel like if someone had to take my photos.  Getting Victoria to be "serious" was like pulling teeth.  You'll see from some of the pictures where she just couldn't stand it and the "REAL VICTORIA" exploded outward.  Ryan was fun, handsome, stylish but kept it together...he's certainly the normal one of the two.  Isn't there always one in each couple that has to balance the other?  

After the ceremony was over and Bert and Booger went home with the best man we went into Durham for some more creative photos and laughter.  I'm so honored and I'm so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Garner.  They went to Toyko Disney for their Honeymoon and I've been living it with them through Facebook!  I think they might move there...LOL.  Congratulations Victoria and Ryan!  ALL MY LOVE and thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing ME to be a part of your magical day!  You all deserve to be surrounded by magic but then again...YOU ARE THE MAGIC <3



Jamie Garner(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures of my handsome son and his lovely bride...Thank you for doing such an amazing job preserving their special day Thirteenth Moon Photography!
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