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Brittni & Matt, Whitehead Manor - Charlotte, NC

October 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Brittni & Matt had so many ideas but many of them stuck to the idea of keeping things simple and streamlined for their wedding day.  They hoped that everything would carry meaning and depth, that nothing would be frivolous or "over the top".  They had planned for a first look and not just a few minutes to see each other and on with photos, but a first look with real meaning and depth.  They wanted to say what lay heaviest and most important on their hearts during this quiet time before the ceremony; when it was just the two of them.  They also decided to do it in letter form, but be together when they read the letters.  I loved this element, this way they could look back on those most special "vows" forever and ever.  They'll always remember what they "said" to each other, and hopefully the photos we captured will take them back to those moments even more...when they laughed with each other and cried (just a little bit).  The air was delicately warm and there was a perfect fall breeze.  It was so special.

After Brittni had her time with Matt, the other special "first look" she had asked us to arrange was with her Dad.  In all of his years in the military she had never had the opportunity to see him in his full dress uniform and since he had retired it had been even more difficult.  So she had been looking forward to that moment for a long time.  Her reaction was priceless.  There were so many surreal things to capture that my words are not meant to highlight them, obviously.  Brittni and Matt, we hope you know how much you've come to mean to us.  It is our sincere and grateful honor to have met you and experienced why the two of you are the wonderful people you are...because you are surrounded by such wonderful people who love you so much.  Congratulations and may God bless you and may you continue to bless all of those you meet like you have us!!  XOXO

Special thanks to Ashton and her incredible staff at Whitehead Manor for all of their hardwork!  You guys are amazing!

Bridal Gown:  Winnie Couture 

Men's Attire: Men's Warehouse

Officiant: Chuck Reiter

DJ: Soto's Entertainment

Florist: The Blossom Shop

Hair: Blo Charlotte

Makeup: Makeup Your Face

Catering: Delectables by Holly


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