Lindsay & Ian, Proximity Hotel - Greensboro, NC

July 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A lot of emails come through our inbox now and many ask us about travel.  It's not that we're not interested.  We'll do it if the opportunity strikes us.  Before our days as parents we LOVED it.  We'd be in Ohio for a wedding, catch a flight to Chicago for another (the next day) and then Tybee Island Georgia for an engagement session to top our weekend off.  It was so much fun but now that we've shot so much and experienced that life...Bill and I are so content to plant Gold child Ivy under our maple tree in our front yard and watch our neighbors horses gallop through the back pasture and sit outside until the deer come and graze by our pond at night.  We love North Carolina and, though we travel from the Outer Banks to the tallest peaks in our great state we're pretty happy staying within the boundaries of our home state now.  We're pretty much reserving our time outside of NC for family vacations (that doesn't mean, don't ask us for a wedding outside the state) it's just we really like to be close to home now.  Anyways, back to this blog post.  We LOVED the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro SO MUCH!  With us living out in the country nothing feels close but Greensboro is by far, the closest "city" for us.  About 45 minutes (at most) and that made us love this venue even, not to mention our incredibly lovely and oh-so-chill bride and groom.  Ian is a orthopedic surgeon and Lindsay is a dietian but I think she threw the health food out the window with their SEVEN cheesecake factory cheesecakes!  WOW, did the entire room smell like a sugar delight!  

Lindsay and Ian just wanted a beautiful, unique day to celebrate their wedding.  Nothing too "over the top".  Ian told me the bar was their wedding cake and we made sure to honor that wholeheartedly.  We had so much fun with them (and hopefully they did with us).  We loved the ceremony set up at the Proximity and the staff!  Wow, the staff was so amazing!  Kind, hardworking and didn't let anything past them.  We hope to be back their soon and we can't wait to see more of Lindsay and Ian...if anything just to laugh so more.  Congratulations and many blessings many more years to love and laughter!

Officiant: Liz Grimes 

DJ: Split Second Sound 



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