Pia & Seth - Grandma and Grandpa's Backyard - Gastonia, NC

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Often times when we meet other wedding professionals they can't believe how much we work and how many weddings we take.  They're always shocked to hear, but we try to explain to them this is our full-time job.  We LOVE this, it's LITERALLY our dream come true.  We still remember the days of praying that someone would just give us the chance because we knew we were good enough to do this for a living. We knew we'd be awesome wedding photographers! How blessed are we that couples want us to be with them on their wedding day?  We don't take that for granted!  Nearly 600 weddings later here we are.  Anyways a while back we had closed our 2016 availability (even I knew we were at our limit), then we got an email from a bride named Pia that caught my eye.  She sent photos of their "venue" (her fiance, Seth's grandparent's backyard) in her email and said thanks for considering us.  Though the bride and groom live just outside of Washington DC where he works as a chef and she's a yoga instructor they wanted to come back to Seth's childhood home and get married there.  Pia is Greek and though most of her family would be flying over from Greece she wanted Seth to have this since his grandfather had passed away and the setting meant so much to him.  Seth had planned to cook the entire meal (with the help of his chef friends) and they wanted to enjoy a lively family gathering.  After I spoke to Pia on the phone and she shared so many wonderful things with me I couldn't say no to taking one more wedding, even if it was in July!  

The day came and it was a hot as we expected...and we mean hot,  upper 90s and no breeze.  Luckily most of the property was covered in shade and what wasn't Pia and Seth had tented.  Surrounded by family and friends, Pia and Seth said their wedding vows where Seth played as a little boy, jumped and ran and played hide and seek.  So many good memories and so many new memories made at such a wonderful place, it was magic. After the ceremony everyone enjoyed all of the delicious Greek style food made with loving hands (even January and I - I think I ate 4 whole tomatoes).  We thought that the heat would keep people from dancing but it didn't slow this bunch down one bit.  We made sure to get pictures of Seth and Pia at Seth's grandfather's old shed with some of his old tools...a place that was very special.  Seth looks the part of the lumberjack so we had fun with that but it made for great "art" anyways!  The day could have been cooler, we could have taken more pictures of them (we always want more photo time) but in the end there was so much laughter and love, it really was perfect.  I always have to walk away from a wedding knowing what could have been is and was. Pia and Seth are the type of couple that can make the world a better place just by being together.  What a honor to have met them and witnessed them become husband and wife.  All our love.


Bridal Gown: Nicole Miller  

Bridal Shoes: Rachel Simpson

Brides Jewelry: http://antonheunis.com/

Groom's Attire: Banana Republic

Groom's Ring: Stonebrook Jewelry

Officiant: Minister Ed Lee

Serving Staff:  Wait Staff Solutions

Florist: Carey Roberts Design Co.

Hair: William Henry Salon - Belmont 

Cake: Shannon Carrigan

DJ: LK Production - DJ Lorenzo King




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