Bill was a Firefighter/Paramedic and I was in Emergency Management. We both worked for the fire department at Walt Disney World.  It was on one of our first coffee dates when Bill said, "if you could do anything in the world for a living, what would it be?" my reply was "be a photographer". One morning Bill came home and handed me a large box, inside was a camera (a big step up from my 80's Minolta film camera).  I said, "what did you do?"  His reply was simply, "Consider me your biggest investor" and the rest is history!

Bill proposed for the first time on bended knee at a 7-11 while I pumped gas. He said he couldn't wait another second. I told him to stop playing and get up. Bill proposed a second time on his birthday, I said I wasn't ready. Bill proposed a third time as Santa Claus in the middle of a busy mall at Christmas time. He knew I could never say no to Santa! Three short months later on a very chilly Valentine's Day on Paradise Beach, in Florida, we said "I DO". In 2014 our lives expanded even more when our biggest dream came true and our son, Walter was born.

We LOVE being parents together, Christmas and Walt Disney World, the beach, hammocks, rivers that wonder through the mountains, trees, our RV, driving to nowhere; peace and quiet and total random dance parties wherever the mood strikes us (it's a serious habit we're seeking help for). We appreciate senseless humor and fresh air, inappropriate jokes and dreaming BIG! Bill's favorite treat is chocolate anything while my choice would be buttery popcorn! We love to travel but never go very far. He loves the sun and I love the clouds. He plays guitar and I love to sing. He was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and I'm from the cold barren state of O-H-I-O (go Bucks)! He drives me wherever I have to go even though I'm capable of driving myself. He makes me soft boiled eggs and green beans at midnight while I'm up late editing photos (hey, don't knock it till you try it). Other than traveling between Florida and North Carolina for weddings; right now life is all about raising our son to be a good and kind man, our Labrador-corgi, Jenny (who is our heart and soul on four legs) and appreciating every minute we have with the ones we love. Everything to us in this world is rooted in being together as a team; being good to others, working hard for our family of clients, and being a living example of love; to love people no matter the color of their skin or who they choose to love.

We look forward to hearing your love story and translating it into photographs you'll have for generations to come!

"Let all you do be done in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:14


We are often asked, "Why is your business named Thirteenth Moon?". Though we're a mix up of different cultures (like most Americans now) from Jewish and Samoan (Bill) and German and Scottish (me - Rachel) our common ancestry lies in our Native American roots! Bill and I were both raised with much spiritualism and teachings from the Native side of our families and we still honor and keep those traditions very near to our heart, home and business. It is a major part of our lives together as husband and wife and we base our path on The Good Medicine and The Red Road.

Our belief teaches us that the Thirteenth Moon heralds change. It is the moon that brings times of transition and new opportunity. When one is under the influence of the Thirteenth Moon, they are in a time of transition, a time of questioning everything they might have previously believed, a time of experiencing deep and lasting change on some or all levels of their being. When under the influence of the Thirteenth Moon, it is a good time to seek new vision, new ways of being, feeling, thinking, and doing.

Our life seems to be an everlasting Thirteenth Moon since beginning this journey as business owners together in 2008. We continue to grow and transition every day and count our lucky stars for where we are together.